What Brought You Here?

I have always had a deep affinity with music. This in itself is nothing unique? I believe most living creatures do. Deep within my consciousness somewhere however I have always felt that music and I are entwined and that music somehow holds the purpose for me in this life.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of singing along to nursery rhymes with my Mother and Father who are both quite musical. My mother played the piano and my father played the drums in church on a Sunday. He always regrets not learning an instrument but boy can he sing (and he takes every opportunity he can to do so)! My love for all things musical was nurtured by my Mother and I studied Piano and Clarinet through school. piano-practice-roomBeing clinically skilled instrumentally (after years of practice and what many believed to be a healthy dose of natural talent), I was amazed and almost offended after studying at the Conservatorium straight out of school at the emergence of artists making great music with no more than a keyboard and a computer from the comfort of their bedroom! This was the early 90’s and a lot was evolving very quickly in the music industry. Initially I believed that these artists were ‘cheating’ in some fashion which amuses me now but I was entranced and knew that this was the future.

I became fascinated by bands that were creating this type of electronic music such as Daft Punk

Daft Punk when they began. At the cutting edge!
Daft Punk when they began. In the future of our present!

and Jean Michel Jarre who were taking listeners to a place far far away often without the use of a vocal narrative. And it was all being done in the absence of traditional instrumentation. These tunes were all being created with software that was readily available to anyone. In the past this type of music was only being used in movie scores and ambient tracks for elevators and the like but it was now mainstream and is still evolving and increasing in popularity. Exciting times!

I have come to SAE to be trained in the principles of quote-i-think-that-you-have-to-seriously-have-fun-or-taking-serious-things-in-a-light-way-jean-michel-jarre-71-57-50sound and software that will allow me to create this type of music and more. The possibilities seem endless to me at the moment…


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