Your media use and identity

Media: the propagator of news, entertainment, knowledge and information that influences most of us nearly every second of every day. The delivery of media in our lives occurs seamlessly and often without us consciously acknowledging it. mediaFrom ancient cave paintings to the click and send to multiple recipients technologies of today, media saturates our lives persistently to our benefit and sometimes detriment?

I do not watch TV or listen to radio, but am suitably abreast of current events, trends and intelligence (that is relevant to me), via alternate media sources facilitated by the advent of the internet. Twitter keeps me updated on the status of Brangelina, Facebook ensures I know how my friends and family here and abroad are traveling, Linkedin keeps me connected to commercial contacts and spotify feeds my insatiable hunger for new music.

Most mornings I will log onto Facebook and touch base with friends however I also find this social media platform useful for staying up to date with general news events that are happening in Australia and around the world. There is usually a post or video each morning that makes me smile and I also have an opportunity to comment and share my views on whatever is happening at the time. Facebook is also popular for connecting like minded people via groups. Thissocial-media function can be helpful in organising events and networking with the types of people you identify with.

I am also an avid user of Spotify and more recently Soundcloud. These media applications allow me to search for any genre of music or specific track, create playlists of my favorites and download to my device songs that can be played even when offline. Spotify also contains a computer algorithm that knows what types of music I prefer and recommends artists and tracks that I may enjoy each time I log in. Whilst these services are free and music can be streamed at no cost, I subscribe to the premium service at Spotify as this allows me to physically download any tracks I like to my device helping me to minimize the amount of data I use when playing them.

You tube is another media source I am using more frequently of late and it is proving useful in assisting me to learn the practical content of my studies. A search on you tube  can reveal numerous training videos on almost any topic and is also a valuable entertainment source when I have some down time!

Whilst these new technologies have many benefits there are also negative aspects to their regular use. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can become quite addictive and also create a ‘false’ world where you can socialise without actually getting out and spending time with others. I personally can easily be distracted from what is important in my life if I am not disciplined as to when and for how long I access this media. Overall the media I use on a regular basis however serves me well.


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