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This blog contains a link to a playlist of songs that are trending in my world currently. My taste in music is diverse and I enjoy music in nearly all its forms from classical through to hip hop. I grew up playing classical piano and clarinet but as a teenager was heavily influenced by punk, thrash and metal which were the genres popular in the surf and skate scene of which I was actively involved.

Over the last twenty years however, my ear has mellowed and whilst I still enjoy the heavier styles my taste has now evolved into listening actively to more dulcet tunes including electronica, chill house and I adore the crooners with Michael Bublé being my favorite at the moment.  The primary elements that govern my listening choices are:

  • Lyrics.  Do they resonate with my beliefs and values and if they don’t, do I at least understand and appreciate where the writer is coming from? Is there a story or an overall emotion being conveyed and is there synergy between what is being said and the physical feel and vibe of the music. I have always been someone who always ‘hears’ and ‘remembers’the words being sung whether I try to or not. I often annoy my friends by speaking in song lyrics in general conversation!
  • My mood. Am I feeling stressed or depressed or am I on a high? The music I select tends to have a direct correlation to my mental state and when I am low a song can really change my attitude to the current situation. I have learned that when I am not at my best, my natural reaction is to choose music that matches that state. At times this can be enjoyable and comforting, however lately I have been consciously trying to listen to something uplifting rather than reflective at these moments to help inspire me.
  • Rhythm and melody, the crucial ingredients in music! What is the ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of the song, how does it resonate to me? Does it transport me to a beach somewhere and assault my senses with the smell of salt and coconut oil or am I taken to a grungy alley in a cold dark metropolis. Is there a catchy melody that I will find myself singing internally after the fact and does the beat move me? Does the rhythm compliment the melody and is the overall technical structure of the offering sound?
  • Instrumentation. Are the artists skilled at their craft, is the sound of the contributing instruments authentic? I include vocals as an instrument here. Whether I can glean inspiration and learn from their talent is key for me in this regard and I will always gravitate towards music that features dexterous musicians.

Obviously there is much more to what drives ones musical tastes but I hope you have a basic concept of what I enjoy and a ‘peek’ into why. Lets jump right into my 9 track playlist and let me know what you think!

CIU110 Playlist



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