Transferring Skills

As an audio student I am discovering that whilst technically I have much to learn, many of the skills I have developed in my years in the workforce and in life are proving to be invaluable! This is especially relevant as most of the projects I will be completing in this degree are not undertaken individually and rely heavily on solid levels of teamwork and effective communication with my colleagues.


As a part of the financial services industry for many years I learned to operate autonomously and also effectively as part of the greater collective. Other skills were honed and developed key to this fast paced environment such as my organisational and time management abilities. These were areas I needed to spend time developing as they did not come naturally to me.

Other skills are natural to my persona such as a strong work ethic (although I can be lazy at times), a positive slant on most situations and the ability to adapt quickly to an ever changing environment. What I have discovered which was somewhat unexpected (perhaps naively), is that unlike my history working for a major bank where most team mates were on the same page on most topics, the characters at SAE are an eclectic mix with their own unique skills, backgrounds and in particular generational differences.


Whilst we have a similar agenda in relation to our studies, I am finding that my teamwork and ability to effectively collaborate with others in this environment is being challenged which has not really happened to me before. Always learning!!!


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