The Product of the Passion…

So whats been doin’ these past months? Have a look and listen to some of the projects I have been working on recently and feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below! P.S. Listen with decent headphones or on good monitors for full effect…

‘Zed Leppelin’ 6 Track Demo


Zed Leppelin are an electric live tribute act to the great Led Zeppelin who have played up and down the East Coast for the past 20 years. The brief was to capture the energy and excitement of the bands live performances (have a look at their gig early 2018 at the ‘Top Pub’ Byron Bay below), and whilst remaining true to the Zeppelin vibe and replicate effects and tonal qualities originally used, I was encouraged to bring the sound into 2018. Continue below and have a listen to three of the songs recorded, mixed and now mastered.

The links to the work below will open in a new tab at my SoundCloud page.

Immigrant Song

Good Times Bad Times

The Thing That Is And Should Not Be

Sound Replacement for Opening Scene of ‘Back to the Future’

This was my first sound replacement project and it was not only fun but very satisfying.  Every sound you hear has been recorded or generated by me on this one: let me know what you think in the comments below:

Sound Replacement for ‘Anta’ sportswear company

I received this footage with no audio and was required to add a soundtrack and sound effects meeting the following brief:

  1. Vision: 2 World Champion female tennis players playing a match in outer space.
  2. Audio: Sound design – actuated – rhythmic – edgy – slow motion elements – high tech fast paced – competitive – erratic – spontaneous – random – imagination

Permanent Revolution 10 Track Debut Album

PR band shot

Permanent Revolution are an ‘Anti Fascist Street Punk’ Band from Brisbane and were really fun to work with. I now have my first title on a CD out there; STOKED!

Check out four of my favorite tracks below and as above, these links will open in new tabs to SoundCloud (WARNING: Explicit lyrics contained in some of the tracks):

Class Traitor

Gender Blind

What you see is What you Get

Torn Apart

Hope you have enjoyed listening to these tunes and the sound replacements as much as I  enjoyed creating them? If you are interested in how these projects were accomplished, please check the rest of my blog posts which reveal the details…




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