Project Pitch Reflection

A key component in support of the planning development and preparation for my major project this trimester was to present this project to my lecturer and peers to glean feedback on the direction and methodologies being deployed in a quest to fine tune the plan and rectify any shortcomings. This pitch was in the form of a formal presentation to our group and we chose to use PowerPoint slides to illustrate our project and the planning we had put in place. This presentation can be viewed here.

The primary elements of our project pitch covered the following topics:

  • Project brief and synopsis
  • Production team details and responsibilities
  • Deliverables
  • Target audience and publishing
  • Due dates for task completion and Project milestones &
  • Target learning outcomes

So what is my major project? Below is a summary:Synopsis

The team on this project comprises of approx 18 members (primarily film students), who all have different responsibilities from the director, scripting dept., camera dept. and post production team. There is also an art department and Shay, Jaxon, Dr Duck and myself comprise the audio department and are responsible for supplying all the audio assets and placing these into the final edit of the film.

I felt we presented our project effectively to our audience however failed to cover off on the important element of contingency planning should the project fall over for any reason. In the experience of our lecturers, film is one of the more risk adverse disciplines for audio students to work with and such projects are notorious for running into scoping issues and subsequent delays resulting in the final cut being provided to the audio team very late in the game. Obviously, this leaves insufficient time to complete our tasks to the highest standards.

We are lucky it seems in that our director and project leader Jamey Brown has met every due date as promised (thus far), and appears to have the film side of this project well in hand with all location filming complete and editing well on the way. His dedication is consistently reinforced to our team by his actions and he has not yet over promised or under delivered. Whilst we do have two contingency project options mitigating this risk that can be implemented quickly should the worst occur, this was not clearly communicated during our presentation which was certainly an oversight on our part.

In addition, we could have delved further into the production management methodology we are deploying, the Waterfall style and explained why we believe this model to be the best fit for our project.

The Waterfall Project Management Methodology

All in all however, I felt from the feedback from our peers and lecturer that our project is solid and will meet many of the learning outcomes required to excel this trimester. It is certainly a little daunting as none of us have ever undertaken a task this complex to date, but we are confident given our complimentary skill sets and shared dedication to excellence that we will create something to be proud of!




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